Thought on Ionic Framework for Building Mobile Apps

As a developer, most of my focus has been toward the web application developments. I started with learning BASIC in middle school, self-taught myself how to make web pages starting with WYSWYG tool like Front Page in high school but later expanded my skillsets to HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP, CGI, and MySQL. Now, after finishing the college courses, I am equipped with knowing different programming languages like Java, C++, and Python, but my primary expertise still remains with web side of development.   But now, things must be different. More online shoppers use an iPad or a Samsung tablet to … Continue reading Thought on Ionic Framework for Building Mobile Apps

AngularJS + Apache Cordova + Ionic Framework

I completely forgot that I created this blog for 5 years. Lol. I accidentally found this blog again. What I have been up to? I am now working as a Java developer for one of the big companies, though the core area of business is not IT but the finance. Just as I was at the school, I have been kept learning continuously though I am out of school. While my programming experience pretty much has been revolved around the web development, I really want to keep getting into the mobile development. I bought a Macbook Pro to start iOS development, which is … Continue reading AngularJS + Apache Cordova + Ionic Framework

Week 8 (03/08/2009): Allocator project & Heap Array 2D

This week, the class topic was about the heap-like structure implementation in C++. The idea is: whenever the memory has to be allocated, the malloc (memory allocate) function decides where to allocate the array locations based on the size and the location of “sentinels.” The “Allocator” project, which is due after the spring break, is to implement a set of functions to imitate the heap storage.   The following week is spring break, and no class on Friday this week. Continue reading Week 8 (03/08/2009): Allocator project & Heap Array 2D