About Me

Me @ Google     Hey. My name is Bryant Jimin Son, where my middle name, if you wonder, comes from my original Korean name.

     Why did I write this blog? Well, why wouldn’t anyone writes a blog? Okay, you asked first so I will answer. I happened to create this blog when I was still at the college, taking a class about the algorithm design. That was back in 2005. You can still find the articles I wrote back then in this blog if you look for it. Then, for about a decade, I completely forgot about its existence and suddenly found this blog by an accident. Thanks, Google. Therefore, I decided to revive it. So, there you go.

     I am a programmer at heart. And I know it because I spend most of time after work and my weekend to learn about the coding, to write some coding, or to write a blog about the coding. I enjoy the taste of a coffee with the leisure of learning something or creating something out of nothingness but with my laptop and a cool thing we call as THE INTERNET. Now, I also often take a short trip to a lot to different places during the weekend. How? Because I can. But even while on travel, I usually head to a coffeeshop to write few coding lines whenever I have some time.

     Right now, I am working as a full time programmer at a pretty big corporation as a Java cloud engineer. I’ve been too much got into this Java thing for a while, but I still think that I am not good enough. And there are so many exiciting technologies like mobile development, Javascript frameworks, big data, etc etc… Oh, boy… It is a happy “oh, boy.” 🙂

     Oh, one more thing. If my first name is Bryant, why would I name the blog as “Ji’s Tech Talk” ? Well, South Korea was the place where I was born, though I became an American in late 2009. Before I became an American, I was used to go by a name “Ji” because so many people mispronounced my name “Jimin.” But the name “Ji”, pronounces like an alphabet letter “g”, sounded cooler. Many fellow friends also gave me a nickname like “G-Force,” “G-Money,” and “G-Dog.” How cool was that? I still love my old name more than my new name. But Bryant is cool, too. I am probably only “Bryant Son” in the whole world, and I am not associated with that basketball guy “Kobe Bryant.”

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