What College Does Not Teach You About How to Become Successful at Working For Companies

Attending an university is valuable but not necessarily for what the professors teach you. Don’t get me wrong. Colleges are best way to learn something valuable, and these are priceless. Yet, how many of you can remember all the eeny meeny details about the history, government, or even your majors? More than likely, you are not going to end up using all of what you learned at the schools.

In particular, this is what I find some valuable skills that the schools don’t so much emphasize that they are important.

Making Good Presentation Decks

Yeah, you don’t have to make such a nice presentation slide decks to become successful. But what they teach at the schools are simply wrong. Your professors’ slide decks use a bunch of bullet points, hard-to-read texts, which are useful for cramming for exams. But they are not rememberable. Maybe, it started with a company called Apple and with a guy named Steve Jobs. Or, maybe it was Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule thing. Either way, the day of presenting with tiny 10 points fonts and a bunch of bullet points is over. If you know how to create the slide decks that tells the story with vivid and minimal presentation, you will stand out above everybody.

Having Some Photoshopping Skills

Too many people I met throughout my careers do not even know how to resize or to crop pictures. Or, they don’t know how to make a transparent picture through Gimp. Seriously, these skills are something you can master in few hours, but they provide to be extremely valuable. Yeah, you don’t have to be a graphic artist major or an art major to know these things.

Being Proactive

If some intern comes in and join my team, the best advice that I will give him or her to become successful is “to become proactive.” If you are stuck on something, keep researching on how to solve the problem by believing all problems are solvable. Jump through the hoop, and you will realize that there is no such thing as unsolvable problems. If you still get stuck, ask questions. And most importantly, don’t just work on the tasks that are assigned to you and to believe that you have done your jobs. You can complete the tasks perfectly, and the project can still lead to the failure. That is because you are not thinking what is the purpose of the project or how your tasks contribute to the projects. Just focus on doing what is right and always be proactive about doing something because it is simply a right thing to do.

(Bonus for Developers) Chrome Dev Tool

If you are a web developer, you must care about the web performance, and you need to think how the visitors to your website will experience your website. The vast majority of the web performance can be checked through a wonderful tool called Chrome  Dev Tool. And, no, you don’t have to download a single thing as long as you have Google Chrome browser. Just right click and select “Inspect Element.” From there, you can measure the network performance, hack elements, and browse through source codes.




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