Reasons for Facebook Occulus Failure

I tried HTC Vibe at the company campus, and it was pretty cool and exciting at first time. However, that was pretty much it. Everyone was excited to try it on, including managing directors, but the long term result was pretty abysmal. Maybe it was the nature of demo applications. Or, maybe it was the way that the gear is too heavy and cumbersome to use. But whatever the heck it is, it was clear that people don’t want to come back to it once they tried it out.


I give Mark Zuckerberg a credit for exploring all these cool ventures. I also see the future of Virtual Reality (VR) that goes together with Facebook. But the fact of the matter is… Nobody wants to buy the Occulus Rift at such an high price. Whoever did the pricing for Occulus Rift probably came up with such a dollar proposal with saying “hey, we paid the fortune of billion dollars to buy Occulus Rift. But I see there is an opportunity there, and people pay $700 to $1,000 to buy an iPhone anyway. I don’t see the reason why we should not price it that way.” But, seriously, smart phones and a virtual reality device are two different things. People now need the smart phone that gets changed every 2-3 years — VR device needs not.


And what about its bulkiness. I am wearing a glasses, and it is pretty bothersome to try to wear the Occulus on top of my head. Yet the worst experience is… Why the hell the device is so freaking heavy and have a big wires attached with it? Really, virtual reality is supposed to be immersive and hassle-free. This is not.


Lastly, the apps are pretty bad. Yeah, I get it. Gamers are easiest targets to generate the revenue from because the gamers can easily shell out thousands of dollars just to get a latest gaming experience. But what happens when one buys it? It is maybe more desirable to produce the game per few weeks.


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