Kindle Fire HD 6

5 Reasons Why Kindle Fire HD Tablet Cannot Compete with Apple iPad

July 15, 2015 was first Amazon Prime Day, which was advertised by as the bigger saving event than Black Friday. Reviews were mixed, but a majority of the publics complained about it saying “it looks like some sort of garage sale.” Nevertheless, because I did not have any tablet, I decided to order Kindle Fire HD 6 for $20.00 less than the original place. The total came out at around $90.00 including tax and shipping. When I received the device, I liked the certain parts of the tablet. However, I also begin to see the shortcomings of the device as I started to use it. Here below, I am listing out five reasons why Kindle Fire HD cannot compete against more expensive Apple iPad.

Problem 1: Dull Design

Everyone has a different taste for design. Some may like it, some may dislike it, and some may don’t care at all. But one should not deny the fact that Kindle Fire HD looks duller than Apple’s iPad.

Problem 2: Quite Heavy

Although I got a 6 inch tablet, I was surprised to find that it is quite heavy. It is not heavy enough that you cannot hold it in one hand, but it is heavy enough so that you will feel strain in the hand if you hold it for a too long time.

Problem 3: Confusing Interface

Interface is not too bad, but it could be better.

Problem 4: Lack of Applications to Download

This is the biggest problem I had so far. I was expecting to find a lot of apps are available, but there are only few.

Problem 5: Ad Display on Lock Screen Sometimes

Showing the ad on the lock screen did not annoy me too much, but it was still difficult to figure out whether that is necessary.

Other than that, I pretty much love the Kindle Fire HD 6. It cannot definitely compete with iPad. But for something under $100.00, I think it is a descent tablet.

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